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Video about everyone else has had more sex than me song:

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

Everyone else has had more sex than me song. Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me Lyrics.

Everyone else has had more sex than me song

I've still got it on my hard drive: Almost all of their song and album titles, the names of some of the band members, and often in the lyrics too. Icarus 02 February , They are band that has existed for over 20 years and over that time, asked — and answered — a number of important questions about who we are as Australians and indeed humans. Rawlins 02 February , Entitled Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance, the album was full of guitar pop and the same twisted, tasteless lyrics that had been a feature of their work to date. TISM are not publicity-shy in any way, but every time they appear in public which includes live gigs they wear masks to hide their identities. At first the band are participating in an aerobics program, and there's already a little bit of Weirdness Censor in place, since no one sees anything unusual about a large group of men dressed in all black and wearing balaclavas taking up the whole back row of the class. They extrapolate the oft-insidious suburban malaise that affects so much of Australia and express it concisely through music. Machiavelli saw synthesizers and dance music replace the guitar pop of earlier releases, and, as a consequence, became their biggest commercial success. This was also helped by favorable reviews at the time.

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    Even without watching it again I've got the little tune stuck in my head again.. Are we fated to repeat history?


    Now here we are at the last verse Why would a seemingly free-thinking protagonist who decried the intellectual mediocrity of the yobs become a real estate agent?


    ArtisticVisions 02 February , They are suburbia writ large.


    The introduction to video for "They'll never called him Old Man River" on TV show Rage starts with them claiming the song is saying say no to drugs. Later he admits that he doesn't always tell the truth - and asks for your mum's phone number.


    Except the singer and keyboardist who have 1 and 0, respectively , a large portion have numbers in the hundreds or thousands. Then the members of the band get bored of exercising and haul in a couch, a television and a cooler full of beer - by the end of the video, the band are watching soccer, drinking, and generally littering and making a mess of the set, all while everyone else is obliviously continuing the aerobics routine.


    However, the small label Shock Records bought the rights to their back catalog and re-released some of their earlier work as a full-length album, Gentlemen, Start Your Egos in


    SpeccySteve 02 February ,


    It was more of the same anarchy, and featured a song entitled "Get Thee to a Nunnery," which was an attack on popular Australian childrens' television presenter Sophie Lee, although the band claimed to respect her work. Then again , these ARE rabbits we're talking about.


    Still playing the Mike Oldfield records, huh? Forming in Melbourne in , the band wrote to Eddie Van Halen and Australian politician Paul Keating offering them the position of lead tambourine in the band.


    There's also "We Are The Champignons":