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Forced interspecies sex

Just try not to think about how they came to be. The fact that half-orcs are pigeonholed into always having a Child by Rape origin has actually lead to a certain level of backlash in recent years. Forgotten Realms even has specific breeds of tieflings based on their ancestry - specifically, the fey'ri elf-demon crosses and tanarrukks orc-demon crosses. Derro and all Gith subraces are results of slave breeding by illithids. In other words, the hat of humans is that we Really Get Around. Satyrs are Always Male , while nymphs are Always Female , and for either species to procreate, they have to do so with each other; if a nymph conceives a child from such a union, a son is a satyr, while a daughter is a nymph. You may find that the best way to gouge out your mind's eye is to ram a tuning fork up your nostrils. However, in the aforementioned Book of Erotic Fantasy, it's stated that there are female Satyr, but they're incredibly rare. Lurkers are the result of a gnome trying to shadow walk through a cloaker, or the children of such accidents. The hybrid still exists, but only as a lich.

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    Also, it seems the AI doesn't always make the most logical decision, which really throws me off. Of course, there are still relatively slender and feminine dragonborn, but still.


    He is in love with her, though she isn't aware of his feelings, and his greatest wish is to be petrified by her gaze, something that he believes will be an ecstatic experience.


    Which was named so after Drannor Whitethistle, who married the dwarf lady Konora Onyxhelm.


    Their kid Labrad became one of the first settlers in founding Cormanthor and apparently combined orderly hard-working side with wood-loving one, considering he's known as "the First Gardener". Being constantly punished for making the most logical decision in an RPS game is pretty frustrating, so hopefully they'll rectify that in the possible sequel.


    You may find that the best way to gouge out your mind's eye is to ram a tuning fork up your nostrils. Hags are generally portrayed this way — fortunately, they can shapechange and have Charm Person type spells, since their natural forms are grotesquely ugly old women.


    Spring Children are the incredibly rare results of dalliances between dryads and humanoids.


    They need to perform a ritual on them before they enter puberty to transform them into more nighthags.


    Wendigoes are born when dwarves driven to feral madness couple with winter wolves after running with the pack for a sufficient amount of time, though they are fortunately sterile. This can include some undead creatures, by the way, which normally can't sire or bear children via regular means.


    Wretches are born when a hag chooses to take an orc as her mate.


    Males are sterile, females can breed with either "parent" species but only have sterile male offspring.