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Manual sex. PHP Manual.

Manual sex

The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana , believed to have been written in the 1st to 6th centuries, has a notorious reputation as a sex manual, although only a small part of its text is devoted to sex. The fifteenth-century Speculum al foderi The Mirror of Coitus is the first medieval European work to discuss sexual positions. Trace the edge of his lips with the tip of your tongue. Then, the next time, add in the blindfold. Its Physiology and Technique has 42 printings in its original edition, and was republished in new editions in and A few translations of the ancient works were circulated privately, such as The Perfumed Garden…. This could be holding something in your hand that you drop to indicate you want to stop. Coming from the medical field, she knew all the relevant biology. His body is exclusively yours for the rest of your marriage! Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra is valuable today for his psychological insights into the interactions and scenarios of love, and for his structured approach to the many diverse situations he describes. Begin slowly and gently. She could draw and label all the parts of male and female anatomy.

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    In English, Ideal Marriage:


    They had begun eagerly but after a few weeks, realized that neither of them was truly enjoying having sex with each other. In Germany, Die vollkommene Ehe reached its 42nd printing in despite its being placed on the list of forbidden books, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum , by the Roman Catholic Church.


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    In English, Ideal Marriage:


    Before long, word trickled back to me that people were asking me to write a book on the subject.