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Ruff sex stories

Give me your nigga dick! My mind was blank, and the only thing I wanted was for him to use me as his fucktoy for eternity. I couldn't words to describe how painful it was. Yet when we engage this way, he becomes someone tougher, meaner, fiercer. I also had a somewhat average dick, just short of six inches and of reasonable girth. His head wasn't even inside me yet and already the pain was unbearable. He stopped kissing me and whispered into my ear, "I saw you looking at my cock. Usually when somebody wants something from me, even if it's something I'm not too happy about giving, I'll give it anyway, just to avoid conflict. Not that I minded being naked so much when everyone else was also naked, but it got pretty annoying after a while. I began to suck a little faster.

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    Actually, love is an understatement.


    I began to suck a little faster. Then it occurred to me that he was watching me, or more accurately my ass, as I was bent over on all fours.


    I got nervous, but then I realized that I had no control over what he was going to do, so it didn't really matter.


    Sustained by her talented, artistic family, nourished by her deep Christian faith, she describes herself as "lucky". He told me to start sucking, 69 style, and so I climbed on top and began sucking his cock.


    As he continued to rape my ass the pain began to dull a little more, and was beginning to be replaced by the curious and arousing sensation of being filled and stretched by his cock.


    I felt my cock become even harder as his fingers stretched my anus slightly and slid in and out of me. I also noticed that he shaved most of his body hair except for his pubic hair directly above his dick, which was black, thick and coarse.