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Video about sex offenders pros and cons:

Single-Sex Education: Pros and Cons

Sex offenders pros and cons. 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Capital Punishment.

Sex offenders pros and cons

If the criminal is given life imprisonment, all his expenditure is improvised by the government. LifeLock also monitors your medical insurance numbers to watch for anyone receiving medical services while using your identity. It also acts like a moral to the rest of the mankind. Thus, Capital Punishment should be banned. Capital Punishment is the cheapest way to remove the ill from the society. Children's identities are stolen 30 percent to 50 percent more often than adults'. Lots of people die of hunger; instead of feeding such people government spend money to feed the criminals, which in turn raises number of cases of crime in the society. This is the strongest of all the arguments. They are also human beings and in any fit of thought if he performs any inhuman activity then his whole personality should not be scaled by his act. Less damage is adopted to prevent more.

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6 thoughts on “Sex offenders pros and cons


    Right to life is the basic right of any human being. A criminal is like a rotten apple among the good ones, he is like a virus to the society, which can even infect others of the same disease.


    Scholars, Psychologists, Activists all pour into active debate now and then and give various theories and reasons for the suitability and unsuitability of this punishment. Read on to understand more on this issue.


    Thus, Capital Punishment should be banned.


    Instead of spending money on criminals this money can be used for the development of the society and welfare of the people. Advertisement Though chemical castration has been adopted for sexual offenders including pedophiles in several states of USA and some European countries, it still remains a debatable issue in India.


    Like a doctor excise any body part to save life of a patient likewise, a criminal is cut out permanently from the society for the well being of the society.


    The best method to prevent a person from doing crime is to show him the fear of consequences of his actions. Thus, the effects of this type of castration are permanent.