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The medieval inquisition sex

By the midth century, a whole new converso culture was flowering in Spain — Jewish in ethnicity and culture, but Catholic in religion. Early Christian methodology, involving saints and divine relics, was just a short step from the old pagan techniques of amulets, and was designed to attract potential Christians who were comfortable with the use of magic as part of their daily lives and who expected the Christian clergy to work magic of a form superior to the old pagan way. While Europeans were throwing women onto bonfires with abandon, the Spanish Inquisition slammed the door shut on this insanity. Since the Inquisition had the backing of both kingdoms would be independent of the nobility or local interests of either. The witch-hunt in Spain had much less intensity than in other European countries particularly France , England , and Germany. There was no major war between Spain and any Orthodox nation, so there was no reason to do so. For example, Lea estimates that between and the court of Toledo tortured approximately a third of those processed for heresy. As time passed, the conversos settled into their new religion, becoming just as pious as other Catholics. In the first half of the century, they were ignored by the Inquisition. But they did have a potent new weapon:

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    The power of kings rose dramatically in the late Middle Ages. This material provides information about 49, judgements, the latter studied by Gustav Henningsen and Jaime Contreras.


    Spain was spared this hysteria precisely because the Spanish Inquisition stopped it at the border.


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    Although they did not refer to themselves as witches, these cunning-folk were generally considered valuable members of the community however, some were also hired to curse enemies. And Irving Leonard has conclusively demonstrated that, despite repeated royal prohibitions, romances of chivalry, such as Amadis of Gaul , found their way to the New World with the blessing of the Inquisition.


    However, the Reconquista did not result in the total expulsion of Muslims from Spain, since they, along with Jews, were tolerated by the ruling Christian elite.


    The inquisition was, despite of its title of "Holy", not formed necessarily by clergy but secular lawyers were equally welcome to it.


    If they confessed or identified not as "judeizantes" but as fully practicing Jews, they fell back into the previously explained category and could not be targeted they would have pleaded guilty to lying about being Christians previously though.


    Henry Kamen estimates that, of a population of approximately 80, Jews, about one half or 40, chose emigration [8].