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Wiimote sex toy. WTF?! A Wiimote Vibrator.

Wiimote sex toy

Using the firm's patented Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the movements performed by each user into vibration signals and send them to another selected device — either in the same room or over the internet. Surely one of Nintendo's most ambitious projects, and one of its biggest misguided failures, R. The concept is called teledildonics — yes, that is a awesomely real word — and is geared toward taking internet chat and phone sex to another level by allowing accessory-induced stimulation to be controlled remotely via computer. There are few faults, and certainly nothing amazing about them, they simply do their job, which is the most important feature of any controller. It's a platform on top of a ball that allows gamers to steop onto it, and rock the unit around in order to control the NES' d-pad. That's just what this oddball controller from Namco does. Do they still work in the industry? With the Activator it created the first commercially available full-body motion gaming controller, long before Nintendo made wrist-waggling fashionable. Still, this remains one of the better franchise-style controllers out there, certainly better than the Onimusha sword. We'd prefer a separate controller and keyboard option like the Dreamcast if you don't mind. It can be used as a normal pair of headphones though, although you wouldn't really want to wear them out in public. As with many of Nintendo's random attempts to reinvent game controllers, the idea was simple — place a controller onto a glove, enabling gameplay with a single hand, including the ability to use motions gestures.

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    Now, we've already said we're steering clear of sexual-themed controllers, but there's no denying that this controller has those carnal connotations just Google it.


    It also features triggers used for accelerate and brake.


    Then you've come to the right place! The U-Force constantly fails to detect hand motions, and when it does it performs the wrong action in the game.


    The hand grips suggest so, and playing the game with this resting on a table is awkward to say the least.


    In hindsight, however, it's an awful controller.


    Sex toy that connects to laptop lets couples hit the big O from a distance


    The device is attached to the accessory port on a Nintendo Wii remote control.